"Twenty years ago I wrote, designed (and published) The Goulding Album as a
sentimental memoir and tribute to my grandfather and my famous motorcycling family.
Technical information on Goulding Sidecars was rather limited. In the last year I
have met several people who have an extraordinary enthusiasm for old Goulding Products.
This website has been launched to fill gaps in the technical info, as well as entertain with
motorcycling history. In other words we hope to reach others out there
who are as eccentric and obsessive (some would say nuts) as we are."

Ron Rae, grandson of James Goulding

A True English, Australian,
and American Gentleman
A Loss and a Tribute

Last Friday (July 15th, 2011) our Goulding Sidecar Website suffered a sad and
major loss.  Dave Cantrell, our Goulding Sidecar technical authority passed away
at fifty-four years of age.  Over the last few years Dave acquired an amazing body
of knowledge pertaining to everything Goulding.  He was restoring a
1937 Harley WL 45 and was about to restore a 1937 Goulding sidecar to go
with it.  His perserverence in finding the lost Goulding information was a sight to behold
and his enthusiasm was boundless.  For me personally, Dave had become a close and
cherished friend.  As I was leaving him after a visit a few days before he passed over,
Dave called out to me over a crowd of his family and friends with a smile
on his face... “Ron, I’ll see you on the other side.”
Ron Rae (James Goulding’s grandson)

God Bless and keep you, Dave Cantrell.

I am proud to say that Dave was my friend and I will miss him terribly.  His passion and enthusiasm for these old sidecars was boundless, but more than that, his good nature and quick smile said it all about who he was.

Mark E. Neberman